ART OF LIVING - about me

Art-of-living is the capability to take pleasure from life.

Pirate, Dreamer, and Father.


The art of not being restricted by your own definition or by the definition of others.

Bauhaus Fan. Knowing that design is more than the basic shapes and colors taught there. 


Art comes in the most diverse shapes and forms, and touches us in all areas of life.

It can focus on simplicity, comes in a very reduced and profane way, and therefore makes something that is ordinary, special.


Art can be wild, loud, and colorful, for eternity, or just for a precious moment.


You can love or hate art, enjoy or despise it, but you cannot ignore art.

You cannot grasp the art and you cannot define it in the same way for everyone.

Art always creates emotions and lives from the dialogue with the viewer, reader, listener, critic, lover; the individual.


For me, art is most perfect when it is created at the moment.

The fascination with the unique, ephemeral, unrecoverable content that only lives on in us and in our memory.

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